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Anti Shadamy by Kotego Anti Shadamy by Kotego
EDIT: Comments disabled because, despite my warning to read the damn description first, I'm tired of people freaking out and thinking this is flaming Shadamy.


Okay, before you jump to any conclusions, this is not a "anti-shadamy oh Shadamy sucks it needs to burn" kind of pick - I'd never do that to my favorite couple.

However, this is an anti pic whereas they come from Moebius (anti mobius) - y'know, where Scourge and the Suppression Squad come from?

Now lemme explain the pic:

Anti-Amy - or Rosy the Rascal - just loves to try and pummel Scourge with her hammer; however one day Scourge told her off in a "poetic" way, and when he left her alone she snapped.

Realizing her ambitions were nothing more than trivial fantasies, she had a complete personality change (crazier, more mature for the worse). Though at changing her entire character she hoped to get Scourge to like her so that she could hit him (cause she's just crazy that way XD); however her plan back-fired and she ran away - only to find Terios, who is Anti-Shadow (I heard that Terios was Shadow's original name ;))

Terios was fearful of most things, especially Rosy (who'd changed her name to Rosalina). He rarely ever fought and allowed anyone to manipulate and control him because of his cowardice and dependence upon others. At discovering this hedgehog, Rosalina found this to be an opportunity to try to over-throw Scourge and his newly-conquered kingdom; because althogh Terios is a cowardly idiot, he does, however, have great power triggered whenever she takes off his collar (which holds back his power).

Now Rosalina always forces Terios to do whatever she wants, though most of the time whenever there's nothing to do she uses him as a sex slave >XD 'Cause he is her b*tch. In truth he hates her but has nowhere else to go and is too afraid to do anything about it. Not only that but she always has him on a leash :evillaugh:

FYI, Terios is made up cause I don't think I've ever seen an Anti-Shadow in the comics :shrug:

Anti-Amy belongs to Archie
Her new design and Terios belong to ME
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November 25, 2009
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